Let’s make yuzu kosho using kaffir lime zest!

What is yuzu kosho(pepper)?

Yuzu kosho is a Japanese fermented salty yuzu and chili paste. It contains fresh green chilies, salts and yuzu zest fragrantly tart yuzu which is a citrus fruit that’s mainly grown in Japan. When the mixture ferments, it becomes a powerful and fragrant paste or sauce like Japanese citrus salty Tabasco paste.

This is Japanese secret seasoning!

This Yuzu kosho is a special seasoning in Japan, this concoction packs a serious punch, adding a bright fiery tang and depth to a range of dishes. Use it for fried rice, noodles, in marinades or to season sashimi or cooked fish. Add a smashed avocado or Mayonnaise, or Japanese hotpot such as seafood/meat/vegetable as a dipping sauce. Make sure you add it to dishes a little at a time until you find the right balance. Because it’s quite salty.

  • Fish carpaccio scallop, tuna with yuzu kosho
  • Yudofu(poached Tofu with yuzu kosho & Ponzu sauce)
  • Chicken Karaage & yuzu kosho
  • Soft boiled egg with yuzu kosho
  • Fried rice with yuzu kosho

Where can I get yuzu kosho?

This flavour bomb can be hard to get your hands on. Japanese shops, such as Fuji Mart (https://www.junpacific.com/fujimartbri/), stock it in tubes or jars, but in the interests of accessibility, we can make your own yuzu kosho. Yuzu is also difficult to find, so I use kaffir lime instead. Kaffir lime is a very nice strong fragrance and flavour which is similar to Yuzu.

Here is Tomo’s original recipe