Gyoza (Pork or Chicken mince) Recipe

This is traditional Japanese Gyoza from Utsunomiya where is Chef Tomo’s home town.
Legend has it that soldiers who returned home from China after the second world war brought with them dumpling recipes. It’s said that they also began to open restaurants that specialized in the ‘new’ delight. Whether that story is a reality or a myth is not important. What is important is that Utsunomiya has an enormous selection of gyoza dishes that one can sample at a variety of cozy eateries scattered throughout the city.

Chinese dumpling(gyoza) is only way to boil and steam. However, Japanese famous Gyoza is frypan-fried and steam together so we can enjoy crispy outside and juicy inside gyoza. This is the authentic way to eat Utsunomiya Gyoza Here is the simple traditional Utsunomiya Gyoza recipe.

Chef Tomo is spreading gyoza recipe to Australia to enjoy cooking and eating.

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