• SIMPLE : Simple design of Rough grinding & Finish grinding. Easy to use even for beginners.
  • ERGONOMICS : Design based on Ergonomics. The handle is easy to grip, the base is stable and not slippery.
  • MATERIAL : Sharpening blade ... Fine Ceramics & Tungsten alloy, Body ... Reinforced ABS resin & stainless steel
  • CAUTION : Please be aware that similar products are on sale.
  • NOTICE : This product is exclusive for Kitchen Double-Edged knife, used in general household. It is not suitable for Japanese Single blade knife.

Easy / safe / speedy / touching of freshly ground knives! It is! Ebisu Blade (YEBISUYAIBA) Anyone can sharpen a kitchen knife by anyone, surprisingly easy. How to use just draw back and forth! While simple, firmly secure and safe structure so it is safe even if you are sharpening knives for the first time 【Introduction】 1. Place the sharpener on a level and stable surface and check that the cutter is not dirty. 2. Please firmly grasp the handle of the sharpener and fix it. - how to use - ■ Coarse sharpening (COARSE) Put the knife in the sharpening groove and let it reciprocate with just good force adjustment. Repeat this 3 to 5 times while watching the condition of the blade. ■ Finish sharpening (FINE) After rough sharpening, finish sharpening is done in the same way. We recommend that you go on a daily basis to keep cutting edge sharpness. ■ Wiping off After polishing, wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse with water and wipe off the moisture. ■ Notes This kitchen knife sharpener is for kitchen knife only for ordinary household (double-edged) such as Sanchoku kitchen knife. It is not suitable for Japanese knife (single-edged) for profession. Please do not put too much force to prevent damage to the cutlery. Please do not place it in a place where small children can reach

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