• Size:115×115××160mm
  • Weight :340 g
  • Material :ABS Made in Japan
  • bottom / 350 ml、top / 500 ml

Whether heading off to work or school, this two-tiered bento set with soup bowl adds both style and affordable practicality to your life, enabling you to pack a healthy lunch from home. The shogun doll design is geared toward those both young and young at heart. The bento is composed of two compartments that stack on top of each other. The upper compartment seals shut with a fitted plastic lid and it doubles as a lid for the bottom compartment. The soup bowl doubles as the top tier. An elastic band is included to keep the compartments together during transport. Traced historically back as far as the fifth century in japan, bento boxes are carried today by everyone from school children to executives and are the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals. Kotubuki bento boxes are made in japan of durable food-safe plastic. This is a large version of the standard geisha doll bento set. Along with a noticeably larger appearance, the increase in height and width means a 75% increase in food capacity over the standard size. As an alternative to food storage and transportation, this set also makes a great container for jewelry, small keepsakes, or bed and bath accessories.


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