Chef Tomo’s History (Updated 12/7/2017)



TOMO is the Japanese Chef, Aikido Master(6th Dan 29 years experience),IT technician and photographer.

He has been in Australia for 8 years and he’s got Permanent Residency in Sep 2014.
He lives on the Sunshine Coast and He is working at Japanese Restaurant Yume in Dicky Beach.
He has a passion of cooking food, eating food through Japanese culture.
He was working in Tokyo for 7 years as IT person however
He has been studying Japanese Cooking and used to go Tsukiji Fish Market and
cook Japanese food for his work mates, friends and family.
Even he had a different job but he has kept studying Japanese Food.

Tomo loves to share the Japanese cooking experience and has taught children
and adults of all ages. Now Tomo has started his own cooking class on the Sunshine coast and Brisbane.
He is coming to your home and have a cooking class.
If you are interested in joining Tomo’s cooking classes, find out more details here.

He is passionate about seasonal local produce and creating exciting flavours in his way,
also creating fusion of different countries food.

During his classes you can, for example, sample drinks of sake which is
Japanese rice wine or Japanese Beer.

The foods made in the classes can easily be replicated at home,
making a day at the class a truly beneficial experience.


Phone: 0410 254 210