Our price(2 courses) is roughly $90($70 for class, $20 ingredients fee) per person (if you could organise 5 people in total (3 hours) + travel cost (my place from Sunshine Coast to your place and return (for example if you live in North Brisbane $60 which mean $12 per person if 5 people join the class. ))
if you organise less people which means it will be expensive than 5 people but you will get more private and focus personal chef class.

If you research Japanese cooking class, at least over $150 per person and only one menu and you have to go to the place. I think our cooking class price is reasonable also Chef/Instructor comes to your place and teach how to cook so very personal and special cooking class. Most of my customer is satisfied and they think this price is very reasonable.
This isn’t eating Japanese food(not restaurant.but actually we can eat after cooking). The main purpose is to learn how to cook authentic Japanese cuisine and you will be able to cook later by yourself for your family and friend and you can teach them too.

Sample Menu Fish

sample menu fish

sample menu fish_01

sample menu fish_02

Sample Menu Meat

sample menu meat

sample menu meat_01

sample menu meat_02