The Great East Japan Earthquake and Japan’s Traditional Seasoning Miso

Miso is a representative fermented seasoning in Japan. It is highly nutritious, has a long shelf life, and is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine.
Today marks 12 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011, and the impact still remains vividly in our hearts.
During the disaster, there was a shortage of food and water. Miso is resistant to decay, has high nutritional value, and eating a certain amount of miso helped supplement nutrition.

In the disaster-stricken areas, many people lost their homes and there were many evacuation centers. So, food distribution centers provided miso soup and miso stew made with miso, which is easy to prepare and eat, and was highly valued as an ingredient for emergency food.

As miso is a traditional local ingredient, it evokes memories of hometowns and families for the people in the disaster-stricken areas. Miso is said to have a warm and healing effect on both the mind and body, serving as a support for the spirit.

Today, in honor of those memories, I made a simple but delicious miso soup. Thinking of Japan.

“Let me come into your kitchen and take you to Japan! Travel in comfort and learn about my culture while you have fun cooking and sharing delicious unique Japanese cuisine.

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