Spencer Galf Hiramasa Kingfish スペンサーガルフのヒラマサ South Australia

I would like to introduce this special Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish–the award-winning producers of the farmed Australian hiramasa kingfish–. I love this high-quality fish with Japanese cooking.

As a natural inhabitant of the cold, crystal-clear waters of Spencer Gulf off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, hiramasa kingfish are locally fed year-round in the clean, crisp Antarctic currents that flow freely from the Great Southern Ocean,” says Clean Seas CEO and managing director David Head. this comment from

Here is my cooking example of this kingfish
– Teriyaki Kingfish with cauliflower puree
– Seared Kingfish Nigiri sushi
– Kingfish Kamayaki grill
– Kingfish Shabu Shabu hotpot

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