Open Gyoza

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My signature dish “Open gyoza”
Here are 9 types of them. I am so excited to introduce more varieties of open gyoza in 2020.

  1. Mooloolaba Local tuna fish tartar with Japanese guacamole
  2. Sashimi-grade Tasmanian salmon fish tartar with Japanese guacamole
  3. Mooloolaba local prawns, oyster mushroom
  4. Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish fish tartar with Japanese guacamole
  5. Pork ginger garlic shallots miso with Japanese guacamole
  6. Roma Tomatoes, fresh basil, fried garlic with Japanese guacamole
  7. Daikon radish, cucumber, red onion noodle with vegan style yuzu tzatziki sauce
  8. Porched garfish with dashi with Japanese guacamole
  9. Porched Spanish mackerel with dashi & wasabi mayo & Honey gold Mango

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