Now is the time to embrace this Japanese way of eating

I really appreciate that SBS Food wrote this article and shared my Nikudango nabe (pork mince and vegetable hot pot)

We have a tough time and cold wintertime.
So I hope this authentic hearty food ” Japanese Hotpot” brings you all…

  • Keep you warm
  • Eat Japanese hotpot together with your family or roommates
  • Have good nutrition
  • Economical meal
  • So tasty

We need to support each other and cheer each other up.
so I decided to share with you one of my favorite signature dishes that you can enjoy cooking and eating together while you are isolated at home. So I was hoping everyone can see my hotpot recipe.
Coincidentally, Seraphina who is SBS Food writer was looking for a Japanese home cook about Donabe(Craypot) so she found me just after I shared my recipe on this Facebook!!
Thank you, Seraphina for writing about me and sharing my recipe.

Japanese pork mince & vegetable hotpot recipe